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Thread Seal

Thread Seal          Thread Seal

Thread seal are used to maintain IP rating between cable gland and equipment, enclosure. It is necessary to fit on entry thread of cable gland.

Material: White Nylon, also available in red color

Size: M16 to M90 and ½" NPT to 3" NPT

Thickness: Unique thickness of thread seal is 2mm.

Application: For use on cable gland entry thread.

Features: To maintain IP rating of enclosure. It is specially use when flameproof, explosion proof or increased safety protection is required.

Entry Thread Seal Dimension Chart

Metric Size NPT Size Outer Dia. (OD)
M16 1/2” 22.00
M20 3/4" 27.00
M25 1” 35.00
M32  1.1/4” 42.00
M40 1.1/2” 49.00
M50 2” 62.00
M63 2.1/2” 75.00
M75 3” 90.00
M90 3.1/2” 110.00